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Get Ahead by Going AbroadGet Ahead By Going Abroad is the go-to resource for successful strategies on how women (and men), single or married, at any level, can leverage this trend to catapult their careers. This easy-to-read book is packed with tips, helpful hints and step-by-step advice from seasoned pros who’ve been there. This breakthrough book covers all the essentials you need to know: picking the right market, making the most of it personally and professionally, and navigating a successful return.

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Women Who Know Say…

85% agree their international experience accelerated their careers

78% agree it had a significant, positive impact on compensation

71% agree they were given greater responsibility earlier in their careers

Get Ahead By Going Abroad Survey 2006


Straight from the Source:
“I was a 25-year-old account executive making $25,000 a year when I accepted my first job overseas. By the time I returned to the U.S. 10 years later, I was a vice president in one of the world’s largest consumer products companies, making more than twentyfold what I had when I left. I worked hard, played hard, learned a lot and had fun. None of it would have happened if I’d stayed in the United States.” –Perry, Coauthor

“In my three years in Asia, I grew both professionally and personally. From getting used to being the only woman in a room full of Japanese men to managing the cultural divide between myself and my Hong Kong team to managing multiple currencies, cultures and business protocols — sometimes in a single day — I faced challenges I had never encountered before. My business savvy, management skills, and stature within the company increased quickly, as did my title and salary.” –Stacie, Coauthor